By day we are mild-mannered students, but we lead double-lives because we are also superheroes. We walk among you, hiding in plain sight. You may be standing next to a Hunger Hero in the supermarket checkout, or at a local event. When we see an opportunity to help, we spring into action — donning our Hunger Hero shirt and food collection bag — our trademark arsenal in the fight against hunger. We’re not in it for the glory. We’re in it to make a real, lasting difference in our community.


Hunger Hero LLC is a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to encourage and enable students in U.S. communities to help local and regional food banks collect food donations for area residents.. And that’s the beginning of what we do. We enable community members to make better nutritional choices by providing families with food selections needed to yield nutritionally balanced meals. We provide the food, the nutritional education and the ongoing guidance and support. And we don’t stop there. As a legion of heroes, we make ourselves available for other community services, whether it’s assisting with a 5k run for cancer, or picking up trash in the community parks. When there is a need — a call for help — a ready and willing Hunger Hero is never far away.

A Hunger Hero is a volunteer for the Hunger Hero organization and is a registered student (Kindergarten through 12th grade) in his or her school district. Food banks are the hub of our operations. This is where each Hero brings food donations, and it’s where the donations are distributed to area residents in need.