As an organization we work with area students (aka, Hunger Heroes) to properly collect food donations for the Hero’s community.  We orchestrate the process of collection, delivery and quantification of the donations. We reward each Hero for their individual contributions, as well as for their contributions as a “team” based on the respective classroom, grade level and school. This helps each Hero develop a sense of charity and community while at the same time helps them develop a pride of accomplishment.


As a byproduct of the proceschildren2s, actions by our Heroes helps their community increase awareness of an ongoing need to address hunger in its own backyard. It also enables the area food banks to provide greater fulfillment to the residents they serve and provide greater reach into their communities.

The tireless work of a Hero is never done, and it is not limited to collecting food. When the cry for help is heard in their community, Heroes spring into action to assist with other perilous tasks including picking up trash (community beautification), assisting at charitable events and retrieving the occasional stranded cat from a tree (okay, maybe not the cat thing, but you get the idea).