Become a Hero

Are you ready to become a Hunger Hero? Do you think you have what it takes? Are you courageous? Fearless?? A student??? Great, you’re in!

Become a Hero today and let’s fight hunger together! Enrollment is currently available for all students in the North Penn School District. You can become a Hero by registering online through our Hunger Hero website.

After signing up you will be invited to an “initiation ceremony”. This is where you will meet Hunger Hero coordinators who will help you learn about our program details (e.g., the process, the types of food items acceptable for collection). You will also receive Hunger Hero credentials and a branded food bag. Yeah, it’s very official.

Become a hero today (with support and approval from your parents), and be part of the growing number of Hunger Heroes to the rescue!  link to Registration page

Support a Hero                                                                                              

Parents are encouraged to get involved, too. The first level of assistance is giving moral support to your intrepid little ones as they bravely charge into the community armed only with a Hunger Hero bag and the spirit to help others. In a sense, you are your little Hero’s sidekick — like Batman’s Robin, or Captain Man’s Henry Danger,. Safety is always a top priority, so parents are responsible for ensuring their children are collecting food donations in a safe area.

If parents want to get more involved, there will be volunteer positions opening up as the program grows in your community. Please CONTACT US if you’re interested in helping in other capacities.

You’ll never know how your humble actions can enrich your community unless you and your little Heroes get started.