Hunger is one of the current dilemmas of the world. With almost one billion on its grip, developing countries where majority of this number come from are facing the threat of destabilization due to ineffective manpower and population. Hunger is not just a skipped meal, this problem transcends from one generation to another. Among others, lack of food results to stunted growth, poor health, and chronic illnesses. This problem traps the poor on the same cycle if not addressed well.

Most of the recorded hunger came from countries with food surpluses. The question is why are people hungry in the first place? The answer would be insufficient access due to several blockades: poor infrastructure, unsupported farming, natural disasters, etc.

This is why Hunger Hero is in its mission of becoming part of the solution of addressing hunger through small actions. We may not have millions of spoons to feed the hungry, but we all have the unending advocacy to promote our cause. We encourage students from the North Penn District to join us in bringing food to the tables of those who are in need.

Through the course of Manna Food Bank, we are giving students food bags where they will put all their collected food items. To assure that what we will give will go straight to the aching stomachs of beneficiaries, we only encourage food item donations and not monetary.

Once the students are able to fill their bags, they will bring it to the Manna Food Bank where they can monitor the amount of donations already gathered. Aside from reaching out to the younger generation, we also envision their parents and private organizations to join the myriads of heroes we are going to raise. Like what we said, hunger is not a single generation problem; it can only be solved if we as well transcend the solution to other generations.