Smiling volunteer brunette writing on cipboard

We start with our Heroes. Any student from kindergarten through 12th grade can become a Hunger Hero, after going through a rigorous process to prove their worthiness (i.e., completing their <<Hero application>>). Each Hero is given a set of Hero tools including an official Hunger Hero shirt and Hunger Hero food collection bag.
Each Hunger Hero collects donated food items from neighbors and area businesses and brings them to area food banks. That is where the food is counted, weight and categorized based on the nutritional value. These metrics help us reward each Hero for their individual and school-based contributions.


As an organization, we approach one school at a time to discuss Hunger Heroes and explain how the school can introduce the program to its students. This is done through various mechanisms such as through a Home and School Association, or by way of announcement in the school’s periodic emails.

Administratively, we familiarize each student and their parents with the process, discuss the steps to ensure student safety, organize orientation and reward events, orchestrate the inbound food logistics, record the students’ food collecting activities, manage the relationships with the school and food banks, and manage all other volunteer personnel. It’s very important that parents get involved to provide additional guidance, encouragement and security for their little Heroes.