Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have a Hero question? Kindly browse through the questions below to find the answer to your basic concern.

Question 1: What is Hunger Hero?

A non-profit organization which aims to collect donations for Manna.

Question 2: What is Hunger Hero’s vision?

The world where everyone can get sufficient food to sustain their body’s regular nutritional needs.

Question 3: How does Hunger Hero get their food for Manna?

Hunger Hero organization encourages students from North Penn district to be part of the program by collecting donations for Manna Food Bank. Click here for more Information >>

Question 4: What is Hunger Hero’s mission?

To promote and raise awareness about hunger to the students from North Penn District to support our group by their help in collecting donations to provide for Manna Food Bank.

Question 5: How to join Hunger Hero?

You can join by registering in the Hunger Hero website