Elena Skrynnik
Minister of Agriculture

Sergei Shoigu
Minister of Emergency Situations

Josette Sheeran
Executive Director of WFP

With countries all over the world taking action to fight hunger together, there is visible hope to defeat famine. The problem of food scarcity is being addressed using their own resources and materials to support every hungry individual around the world.

World Food Program (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian agency that fights hunger, has signed two agreements with the Russian government. These agreements were made to strengthen and promote their existing partnership over the next three years in their battle against global hunger. Russia will also support and assist with the distribution of school meals to children living in Armenia.

Josette Sheeran, the Executive Director of WFP, signed the first agreement with Elena Skrynnik, the Minister of Agriculture, and signed the second agreement with Sergei Shoigu, the Minister of Emergency Situations. She noted that Russia had donated $26.8 million to WFP’s global operations in 2009. The donations have reached a total of $110 million since 2003.

Sheeran said that Russia had a great potential to support WFP. The Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry has been the first with those who took action to previous earthquakes in Haiti, Pakistan, and now in Chile.

Another movement to fight world hunger had happened in New York where more or less 400,000 individuals suffer from moderate to severe hunger, and 118,000 out of 400,000 of these affected people are children.

Thousands of New Yorkers with low-income depend on emergency food providers such as soup kitchens and pantries to feed themselves and their families regularly. Hunger has significantly risen, and emergency food programs are great help to have a steady supply of nutritious and wholesome food to meet the demand of the stomach.

United Way of New York City has started the campaign to help hunger-stricken city dwellers. The organization has served as the local administrator to support New York State Department of Health’s Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance program (HPNAP) since 1984. The HPNAP is committed to improving the health status of New Yorkers who need support. HPNAP does not just provide groceries and meals, but they also improve the nutritional value of the food they provide.

United Way has developed outstanding high nutrition standards in order for them to ensure that food pantries and soup kitchens are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Also, the governments of the Caribbean and Latin America have set three priorities for Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations last March 2016. These priorities are strengthening family farming, hunger eradication, and climate change adaptation which happened and set during the agency’s regional conference. They aimed to agree on helping 34 million people living in the region who are regularly experiencing hunger.

FAO signed two agreements with the governments of Peru and Mexico. They undertook this to strengthen each one’s role as partner in the fight to reduce and defeat hunger. Jose Graziano Da Silva, Director-General of FAO, said that Peru and Mexico are now strategic partners of FAO in the eradication of poverty and hunger and also for distributing sustainable food systems.

All these countries are now currently taking action against hunger. It is now our time to promote and provide resources for the people who are not capable of getting enough nutrition to ease their stomachs. Remember that hunger can affect everyone, from rich to poor communities.








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