Hunger is a serious threat, mostly for poor people who are not capable of buying and sustaining their own food. It is one of the leading causes of death all over the country. Catch here the latest news about the heroes and their fight against hunger.

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Worldwide Programs to Defeat Hunger

Elena Skrynnik Minister of Agriculture Sergei Shoigu Minister of Emergency Situations Josette Sheeran Executive Director of WFP With countries all ...
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Main Causes of Hunger

The world produces sufficient food to feed the whole global population of about seven billion people. Why does hunger still ...
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How Hunger Could Affect Student Productivity and the Economy

According to Dr. Deborah A. Frank, the current Director of the Grow Clinic for Children at the Boston Medical Center ...
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Effects of Hunger to Human Body

Hunger doesn’t just affect the stomach, but can also take over the sense of physical being and even one’s mood ...
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