Hunger doesn’t just affect the stomach, but can also take over the sense of physical being and even one’s mood.

In fact, malnutrition and hunger can cause deteriorating effects on every individual. According to the 40-Hour Famine, these are the effects of hunger to different human body parts:

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Mind.  Without proper focus, one cannot maintain and finish activities easily. It is important to remember that hunger makes concentration and learning difficult at every age. Children who suffer from malnutrition at a very young age can result in reduced intelligence, psychiatric issues, anxiety, and obstruction of cognitive development to learn quickly.



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Eyes. Hunger can also cause impaired vision or visual disturbances which caused by lack of Vitamin A in the body.




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Mouth. Calcium which is usually found on cheese, yogurt, milk, and other daily products can help the body significantly. Calcium deficiency can cause bleeding gums and tooth decay.




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Heart. Without sufficient nutrients to sustain the heart, oxygen levels will eventually decrease. This could result in difficulty to perform any physical activity like walking, jogging, and running.




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Skin. Without proper hydration and enough vitamin A, the skin can break and dry out.





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Joints and muscles. If a person doesn’t get enough protein to support the body’s nutritional needs, muscles are more likely to weaken and shrink and cause ache to the joints.






Bones. A stunted and malnourished child can be much smaller compared to healthy children. It is usually caused by the deficiency of calcium. Without enough calcium at a young age, it can possibly result in fragile bones that can be easily broken as the individual ages.







Extremities.Without enough vitamin E, nerves in the feet and hands will begin to weaken easily. A loss of feeling and control in these extremities can affect a person’s physical abilities.



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Immune system. Having weak immune system can greatly affect a person’s body. If the immune system is weak, you are more likely to get diseases easily. To make your immune system stronger, you must eat enough nutritious food to make it effective.






Above you can see the effects of hunger on the human body. Remember that hunger does not just affect our stomach, but almost our entire body as well.




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